cropped-ds4.jpgWhy you want to subscribe to this NLP and Personal Development App?

 You are curious about what NLP can do for you and you want to put a toe in the water to find out more at minimum cost or risk.

 You already know you want to learn NLP and because of your personal circumstances you can’t attend a live training.

 You want to learn NLP without the cost of a live training, hotels and travel.

 You want to learn NLP and want to check me out before you commit to do a live training with me.

 You are already trained in NLP and want world class NLP training resources to review, deepen and further your learning wherever you are or go in the world.

 You love the convenience of being able to learn NLP wherever you have your smart phone or tablet with you.

 You want conveniently accessible world class NLP and Personal Development content whenever you want, wherever you are.

£67 per year (SAVE 20%!) OR £6.99 per month AND you can cancel anytime AND


I’ve got my why and want to sign up now!


Do you want toe learn more before signing up?

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